Create a More Relaxing and Appealing Atmosphere

Create a More Relaxing and Appealing Atmosphere

Speak with a painting contractor in the Tyler, Texas area

You've added unique d├ęcor to your home to reflect your personal style. Why not add some well-chosen color to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere?

Bison Specialized Construction can add color to your home to make it feel like a calming oasis. We offer both interior and exterior house painting services in the Tyler, Texas area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

3 reasons to choose Bison Specialized Construction for your painting project

You should think twice about trying to paint your home yourself. You'll end up spending too much time and money on the job. Bison Specialized Construction can paint your home professionally, inside and out. Here's why your neighbors choose us for their painting needs in Tyler, Texas:

  1. We can paint your entire house or just one room.
  2. Our painters can handle tape and bed projects and textured paint projects.
  3. We will power wash your exterior to ensure a clean application.

Whether you want to add some darker tones to your living room or bright colors to a child's bedroom, you can rely on Bison Specialized Construction to do the job. Schedule a time for your project today.